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Honest Magazine - The Honey Issue

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Taking a look at nature’s oldest sweetener, the honey issue dives into the “nectar of the gods” in all its forms. Recipes such as “Bee-Stung Cake” and “Amaretti Cookies with Orange Blossom” lean into the sweet side of things, while “Za’tar -Baked Cauliflower with Pine Nuts,” “Honey-Baked Feta with Lavender and Rye Crisps,” and “Goat Cheese and Blackberry Tartlets” teach savory applications for the ingredient traditionally thought of for dessert. Explorations into the layers of a hive, the history of honey, and wild varieties of honey showcase how honey differs across time and across the world. A tutorial for making mead leads into a story with a beekeeper and other articles. 


A quarterly publication, Honest Magazine is the story of an idea explored through recipes, stories, seasons, words and life. It's about slowing down, taking an examined approach to our food, those who gather it and how it brings us back to ourselves and our planet. Each hefty 100-page issue is printed on thick paper and 100% free of advertising. Released on the first day of each season.

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