Ocotillo Botánica

Handmade Incense - Juniper Berry

$ 13

Who doesn't love a good incense? We know we do. This incense is handmade with 100% pure organic essential oils, no artificial fragrances here! Each scent is chosen carefully after a few burn trials. Ocotillo Botánica works with scents that are altogether unexpected, scents that you wouldn't think about when picking out your weekly incense supply.
Each bundle contains 20 sticks that will burn for about 1 hr.

Made in the United States of America


Ocotillo Botánica is a one-woman business seeking to inspire + encourage the soul seekers and botanically minded with lovingly crafted herbal products for the body, mind, and soul. Each product is made in small batches, following astrology + the cycles of the moon, crafted in ritual + prayer with the spirits of the plants. 

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