Habit Tracker: 12 Month Calendar

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Become a better version of yourself every day. Adopt and track your new habits for a full year. Track your daily, weekly and monthly habits in a simple and aesthetic way. Get creative and brighten up your space. Hold yourself accountable and motivated on a daily basis.


- 12 monthly calendar pages
- New habit suggestions
- Gold wire binding
- Hang on the wall
- Sturdy cover
- 140 gsm paper
- Color variations for a new month


My name is Kate and I'm a 25 year old girl that has graduated college and was lost on her journey. As I dived into self help books, I started to fall in love with self development, searching for life purpose and happiness. It was surprising to learn I’m not alone in this search. That is how I decided to create my brand Lamare. Lamare is not only about planners and journals, it’s about building a community of young women that help and uplift each other, grow and build their empires together.


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