Tea Sip

Grey Loose Leaf Tea - 1 oz

$ 10

"Earl got a makeover"

In this Earl's makeover, we jazzed up the typical bergamot citrus brew with a zing of bitter orange peel and floral pop of elderflower and roses. This is a well-balanced remix for the Earl Grey lover. This will surely show you there is more than one shade to Mr. Grey.

Ingredients: organic black tea, organic orange peel, organic licorice root, natural flavor, organic elderflower, organic rose

Origin: Blended in-house with organic ingredients sourced from China, Honduras, India, Indonesia, and USA


Born with the rebellious ambition to think outside the teabag, Tea Sip is dedicated to curating tea experiences for the individual, using only all-natural, organic, and wild-harvested ingredients. We strive to modernize and uncomplicate the tea and tisane world through a simple, fun, and functional approach. As a business, we value transparency in what we do, authenticity in what we stand for, and creativity in our actions. We are sipping, evolved.

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