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Goodnight Krampus Children's Board Book

Children's Goods

$ 14

Not a creature was stirring...except the mischievous Krampus who's too excited to sleep! It's Christmas Eve and Santa has a lot on his plate, but his biggest challenge is convincing little Krampus to go to bed. Brimming with holiday cheer, this is one bedtime story that's good for goodness sake.

30 pages, 7x6", full color, 40 pt matte-laminated paper board

By: Derek Sullivan and Kyle Sullivan

Hazy Dell Press creates fun-oriented and imagination-driven storybooks for children, adults and wereturtles of all ages. 
Led by your average set of monozygotic twins and creative partners, HDP is on a mission to conjure stories and characters that parents enjoy as much as their children.  
As children, Derek Sullivan and Kyle Sullivan were raised in the Pacific Northwest on crayons, ghost stories and fish sticks. As adults, Derek is a Seattle-based illustrator and designer, while Kyle bides his time as a writer in Portland. 

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