Maxwell's Mystic Market

Ethically Harvested Palo Santo Matches

$ 9.95 $ 12.95

Discover the allure of Peru with Maxwell's Mystic Matches' eco-friendly and sustainably harvested Peruvian Palo Santo sticks. Used by shamans in spiritual rituals and known as "holy wood", these sticks are perfect for energy clearing, meditation, and relaxation. Indulge in the rich, cleansing aroma of Palo Santo and feel the rejuvenating effects on your mind and soul. With its higher resin content for a longer lasting scent, these hand-crafted matches are essential for any luxury lifestyle. Add a touch of elegance to your daily wellness routine and share the gift of relaxation with friends and family. Hand-crafted with utmost quality and care, Maxwell's Mystic Matches guarantees your satisfaction with our 100% sustainably harvested sticks. Each box contains approximately 15 thick sticks, perfect for multiple uses. Bring the calming energy of Palo Santo with you on-the-go or incorporate it into your home decor. Similar to white sage, these matches effectively clear negative energies and create a peaceful atmosphere. Embrace the luxury.

*will ship directly from the vendor, separate from Slow North goods*

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