Rebekah Vinyard

Diamond Jacket Earrings

$ 36

These ear jackets are the perfect simple statement piece to add to your everyday collection. AND they're more than just one pair of earrings! Wear the tear drop studs on their own or the tear drop backs with some of your own favorite studs and all of a sudden, they're one-of-a-kind! 


Brass and 14k gold-fill ear posts.

As someone who loves change and has an ever evolving sense of style, I try to create jewelry that can traverse those changes with me. When shopping for myself, I’m always on the lookout for versatility. How many ways can I wear that top? Will those pants go from day to night? Can I rock those shoes at the park with my kids and on date night? It’s with this eye for versatility that I approach designing jewelry. I strive to create classic, edgy pieces that can stand the test of time, reach across multiple styles and have just enough of a twist to stand out from the crowd. From my jacket earrings that can be worn three different ways, to the adjustable sliding clasp on my necklaces which make it possible to wear them short, long, forward or backwards to my rings that can be adjusted to fit whichever finger you fancy, Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry is made to last and be worn over and over again with everything in your closet. My designs are dreamt up and brought to life in my Austin, TX studio. While heavily influenced by architecture, geometry and ancient symbols and relics, my true inspiration comes from my desire for every woman who wears a piece of my jewelry to feel confident and empowered as they tackle everyday.


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