Mimosa Handcrafted

Pelican Ring

$ 52 $ 65

Only 2 pieces in stock!

Carved by hand in wax and cast in solid bronze, this pelican wraps its wings comfortably around your finger. 

Slightly adjustable and measures approximately 1/2" tall.

Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.
Hand made in Mimosa's south Louisiana studio.

Materials: Bronze, 18k Gold-filled.


MIMOSA Handcrafted® began when Madeline pursued her life long love for making. She craved creating and making with her hands and found making jewelry satisfied that craving. After her day job as a landscape architect she'd make late into the night, on weekends and with ANY free moments in between. Soon the jewelry started piling up and her husband, Dawson (the entrepreneurially minded one ;) suggested selling it. With an LLC and a box of jewelry MIMOSA was officially born in January 2008. Madeline started selling jewelry at arts markets, festivals and pop-ups, in house holidays shows and anywhere they'd let her set up. Around 2013 she took jewelry making full time and was joined by Dawson in 2015. Where Madeline once used her creativity to design spaces for people to have experiences in, she now creates pieces for the wearer to have experiences with. Her pieces tell the story of everything from culture to history to landscape. Madeline is committed to creating pieces that bring you home to beauty and belonging and wearable art that invites you into conversations worth having.


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