Henna Prayer 4.75” XL - Crescent Moon Selenite Charger

$ 45

Only 2 pieces in stock!

4.75” Extra Large Crescent Moon Selenite Charger

- "Henna Prayer". These gorgeous, extra thick selenite crescent moons are engraved with your choice of 4 designs.

These make the perfect addition to your altar where you can display and charge your crystals in style!




Andrea Towns created Fractalista Designs in 2013 with the desire to manifest the magnificence of the ethereal realm into tangible tools to enhance one's environment and experience. Fractalista Designs combines new technology and ancient artifacts to create the perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and metaphysical properties. Powerful affirmations and sacred geometry infuse the crystals, palo santo, and glass with intention to enhance the healing essence of the items and amplify the vibration of the space. 

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