Among the Flowers

Floral Smudge Wands

$ 18

Only 1 piece in stock!

A bouquet of dried herbs and flowers, hand-bound with love out of materials we harvest ourselves from our own land. Made to release negative vibrations, lift consciousness, and bring about new life. Use: Ignite either end and let smoke. We ship our smudge sticks individually wrapped in tissue paper. Please unwrap all smudge sticks from their wrappings upon receipt. If they are not unwrapped, moisture will form which will cause damage to the smudge stick.

Made in United States of America


Among the Flowers -- I have always enjoyed lovely products, beautiful scents, and spending sacred moments in self-care. The moment I became responsible for a new life, my first son, the study of ingredients in every household and body product I owned became my new reality. In this, I learned how damaging everyday items are to our health. Sadly the most commonly used brands and easily accessed goods are filled with damaging ingredients. My goal was to change our home environment and improve what our bodies are exposed to.

My greatest inspiration in life is drawn from the beauty of completely wild spaces. 

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