fig + stone

Concrete Tapered Candle Holders - Stone, Tall

$ 22

Smooth yet textured to the touch, this hourglass holder is the perfect shape to add dimension and flair to your dinner party, entryway, and any place in your home that needs a new refresh or refined moment. 

  • Due to its hand-craftsmanship, each candleholder may have slight variances in texture and color 
  • Sanded and sealed
  • Fits standard-sized tapered candles
  • Dimensions tall: 3.75"H x 2"W / short: 2.5"H x 2"W
  • Materials: Concrete 


Based in Southern California, fig + stone is an artisan home decor store featuring handmade concrete pieces. Fig + stone was born out of two sisters' passions to bring pieces into their own homes. They believe in making a space that feels good and functional - a place of peace, a safe haven - a place that feels like home.

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