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Pedernales - Green Yaupon Loose Leaf

Relaxation Accessories

$ 13

Clean and refreshing, our staple green yaupon celebrates the tranquility of the Pedernales river, that flows over and around huge slabs of limestone, creating a tranquil and safe space in which to relax and recharge. Enjoy it hot or cold brewed: You'll be relaxed and recharged by the time its vibrant green hue turns earthy brown. 


What is Yaupon? 

It's the only naturally-caffeinated plant to grow wild in North America. It was brewed for centuries by Native Americans. And then.. it was forgotten. Left behind by the business of modernity. Until now. 

We harvest yaupon wild in the fields surrounding the CatSpring ranch. By the time our yaupon makes it into the hands of our harvesters, nothing has touched these leaves but sunshine and rainwater. (And the occasional cow, maybe.)

CatSpring Yaupon is as sustainable, and as natural as it gets.

Each of our blends pays homage to our roots in the land. 

It's Texan, For Tea.®


CatSpring Yaupon is a Texas-based, sister-founded company providing an opportunity to return to the land, to family values, and to American craftsmanship and goodness. Everything they do is rooted in the belief that sustainability is about more than the land. 

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