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Butterfly Pentomino Puzzle

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Did you know that some butterflies can taste with their feet?! It's an adaptation that allows them to tell whether or not a leaf will be tasty for their future (very hungry) caterpillars. We're so glad humans haven't evolved that sense -- gym floors, dirty sneakers, that dog poop your annoying neighbor forgot to clean up...Gross! Now that we have that unfortunate image in your head, let's fill your brain with a bigger challenge: how the heck to get these pentomino butterfly pieces back in the frame! You're welcome.


These colorful pentomino puzzles are more difficult than they look- perfect for someone looking for a coffeetable challenge! And if you just can't figure it out- you can check out solutions on our website. We won't tell! Each acrylic puzzle comes with a 5 5/8"x8 3/4" birch wood frame, packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

At Bright Beam Goods, we believe that handmade things carry more meaning. They are special, unique, imbued with traces of the human hand, and they bring with them a sense of wonder and joy. That’s why we make our living making things. Bright Beam Goods was founded in 2010 by owners, operators, and makers-in-chief Eve Trester-Wilson and Kristen von Minden. Eve and Kristen are friends who share a background in architecture, a taste for power tools, and a passion for crafting. We make products we’d love to own—high quality and hand-crafted treasures, both playful and elegant—things that make us smile! Our products range from housewares to games and puzzles, but each is dreamt up and developed from start to finish in our workshop in Austin, Texas.

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