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Blue Sage Bundle - Small

$ 6

Blue Sage is also known as "Grandmother Sage" and is an herb with many magical and practical applications. It is an abundant and hardy plant that grows throughout deserts in the southwest. The name refers to its beautiful blue flowers and blue-tinted leaves. It is a close relative of white sage and has similar properties, but with a slightly sweeter scent. Blue Sage is excellent for healing and cleansing rituals and can also be used to assist in meditation.

To use your sage light the bundle and walk through the rooms of a home or other building to cleanse, protect, or imbue the space with energy. Once finished, tamp out the burning bundle in a fire-proof vessel such as a stone bowl or shell. (You can browse all of our incense vessels here.)

While saging your space or objects, keep your intention at the front of your mind.


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