Settle Ceramics

Salt Jar with Cork Lid - Turquoise

$ 38

Only 1 piece in stock!

Store your salt (or really anything else) in these stylish matte finished jars. They hold 10 ounces. 3" tall. Dishwasher safe.

All wares are made by hand in Austin, Texas. As such, variations inherent in the handmade process are to be expected. Slight differences in size, shape and color are not considered flaws, this includes variation in saturation of speckles and splash ways. Speckle and splash patterns are available only on Matte White. Speckle and Splash patterns are done by hand and therefore never exactly the same in design or saturation.

verb set·tle \ˈse-təl\ : to move to a place and make it your home ; to come to rest. 

Settle is about making the everyday beautiful for your kitchen and home. The work is made with intent to become family heirlooms that are cherished. Each piece is hand thrown and glazed with care. 

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