Shaman's Market

Fine Line Soapstone Resin Burner with Stand

$ 22

Kenyan artisans handcraft this useful small bowl by carving soft soapstone and applying a deep dyed black finish. We've included a small wooden tripod stand to make this bowl ready to burn resins and herbs in your sacred space. Because this is a handcrafted item, each may vary slightly. 4" wide and 1" tall, with stand 2.5" tall.

In 1999 after running out of many of the products we use in our Shamanic practice (and not having a trip to Peru in sight) we decided to import products for our friends and community. We were then and still are today excited to be supporting the growing shamanic community in the US and at the same time providing a fair trade outlet for the exquisite artisans and the indigenous people of the Andes, the Amazon, Tibet and around the world!

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