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Honest Magazine - The Hunt

$ 28

In “The Hunt," we explore what it means to hunt our food and how that connection to our wild roots has withered in our modern era.

Through recipes of wild meats and flavors such as "Venison Chili with Toasted Cumin & Smoked Mexican Peppers," "Terrine of Rabbit," and "Wild Boar Bolognese," (among others), we learn how to season these strong flavors with equally strong accompaniments.

A central story shadowing a hunter while he teaches the sport to a group of students anchors the issue, bookended by vintage illustrations and our recommendation of expanded readings.

The Hunt Issue will get you thinking about the gift that is the meat on your table.

Made in United States of America



A quarterly publication, Honest Magazine is the story of an idea explored through recipes, stories, seasons, words and life. It's about slowing down, taking an examined approach to our food, those who gather it and how it brings us back to ourselves and our planet. Each hefty 100-page issue is printed on thick paper and 100% free of advertising. Released on the first day of each season.

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