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Nick, a young illustrator, can’t connect with people. Whether it’s the barista down the street, his own family or Wren, an oncologist whose life becomes painfully tangled with his, Nick can’t shake the feeling that there is some hidden realm of human interaction beyond his reach. He staggers through meaningless conversations and haunts lookalike, vacuous coffee shops in the hope that he will find it there. But it isn’t until Nick learns to stop performing and speak about the things that really matter that the complex and colourful worlds of the people he meets are finally revealed to him.


Will McPhail has been contributing cartoons, sketchbooks, and humour pieces to the New Yorker since 2014. His work has also been published in Private Eye and the New Statesman. In 2013 he won the British Cartoonists' Association's Young Cartoonist of the Year and the NCS Reuben Award for Gag Cartoonist of the Year in 2016. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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