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'Let it Be Wild' Tote with Leather Handles


$ 28

Let it Be Wild is inspired by the roots of Imani Collective.

Imani Collective was a wild dream that their founder, Jenny Nuccio was not afraid to make into a reality. They are are a community of dreamers + shakers who are not afraid to ask, “Why not?”

It is through this community that we unleash a woman’s greatness through empowerment + opportunity.

We value the heart of the dreamer and encourage you to ‘let it be wild’.

s p e c s 

+ natural canvas, genuine leather 

+ 10in x 6in


It started with sixteen women. Sixteen women looking for a better way to provide for their families. Sixteen women who believed they were worth more than the saturated fruit selling street markets. Sixteen women intrigued enough by Jenny’s vision to stick by her side and grow together.
The Imani Collective now employs over fifty Kenyan men + women in Mtepeni Village and Mombasa, along with half a dozen women stateside.

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