Gift Guide for the Wallflower

We all know someone (or we are that someone) who enjoys spending a lot of time at home. Away from socializing and obligations, being at home can be so restful! Whether it's time spent cuddling up with a warm blanket by the fireplace or having a spa day at home, we came up with some gift ideas for your favorite wallflower! Our hope is to make the wallflower experience even more relaxing.


Orange + Clove

If this scent could be summarized in one word, it would be cozy. The sweet and warm aromas of Orange + Clove will help you unwind and relax! The custom blend of orange, clove and cinnamon essential oils is perfect!  

Harmony Bath Salt

Bath time is a must. If you haven’t taken a bath in a while you definitely need to do so soon… but don’t forget to add your bath salts! These bath salts are free of preservatives, additives or synthetics and scented only with essential oils. Harmony is a mix of vetiver, cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils and smells like a dream!  



Fizzing Bath Cube

To keep up the bath theme, we have another fun bath addition – fizzing bath cubes! Inspired by the very popular “bath bomb” but made with clean ingredients including coconut oil, dead sea salts, and a blend of essential oils!


Dry Skin Brush

Time to detox! Give your skin some attention and love by exfoliating and cleaning with this lymphatic dry skin brush. Designed to maintain the health of your skin along with providing an energy boost. Shine inside and out!  


Vanilla Body Butter – 2 oz

Kiss dry skin goodbye this year with our favorite moisturizer! The cold season can really dry your skin out, but this body butter is a great solution to that problem. We recommend trying it out after taking a warm bath or shower. Did we mention that it smells amazing too?



Large Wool Knit Blanket – Camel

This cozy blanket is a MUST have. This handmade wool blanket will keep you warm all winter long. It’s even big enough for two, so you can share it with a loved one! These blankets are handcrafted ethically in Santiago, Chile.


Large Painted Sketchbook - Peony

Let your creativity flow through this beautiful, hand-painted notebook with gold foil accents. Any lover of stationary will be inspired to create by the beauty of this notebook! The unlined pages are great for sketching, writing or drawing. Perfect to use when you’re at home unwinding.  


Pu’u Planter – Honey

If you’re going to spend a day at home, you’ll want your place to look amazing, too! This planter is sure to brighten up your space and mood. Plant your favorite plant in it, place it in the perfect little nook, and enjoy!



It is Well - Herbal Tea

We believe that restful living is enjoying a warm cup of tea. This tea is made from a blend of organic & wildcrafted chamomile, lemon balm, skullcap, passionflower, lavender, hops flower & valerian root. Handcrafted in San Antonio, TX.


Neck Wrap Therapy Pack – Swatch

Enjoy the calming pressure of these hand-made neck wraps. Filled with natural lentil beans, these neck wraps can be enjoyed either hot or cold by either popping them into the freezer or microwave. These are great to use before bed after a long day of work.


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