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Sun., Oct. 14th - Embroidery 101 Workshop

Taught by Sarah Patterson of Mountains of Thread, this is a workshop that will cover all of the major stitches and process of creating your own embroidery hoop art. We will begin by practicing different stitch techniques on a sampler hoop before beginning the main workshop piece - a 7 inch design for any plant lover! Space is limited. Claim your spot today!
While the main piece looks complicated, it uses just a few stitch techniques that we’ll go over and it is so fun to stitch! It really gives you a chance to play around with the different textures that embroidery can bring. This piece is easy enough for a beginner but also involved enough for an experienced stitcher. There are so many ways this design can be customized by choosing different colors and also adding more or less details in the plants and pots. 
While we won't finish the entire piece during our time together, you should leave the workshop with a good amount done and feeling good about finishing the rest of it on your own! I will also show you how to complete the hoop for hanging on your wall.
Each person will receive a bag with two hoops - a small sampler practice piece and the main design. Each hoop will already have the design drawn. The bag will also contain needle, thread, scissors, backing fabric, stitch guide and color guide for each design. I'll also have extra thread available for swapping out colors if wanted.
Topo & snacks provided + a 10% in-store shopping discount at Slow North following the workshop.
Learn more about Slow North at www.slownorth.com
(Our shop is located between Epoch Coffee and Madam Mam's)

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